Hotel & Spa

Wednesday, July 15, 20157:00 PM(View: 3518)
Hotel & Spa
An interior design solutions for hotel & spa with total area of 225 m2. With creativity, careful, meticulous architects VALDO FURNITURE will always be promoted in every detail hotel & spa. Let's visit and see the beauty of the hotel & spa, you will feel it.

Our products will satisfy those who are looking for excellence in quality and design. We take the customer's ideas and desires and transform them into a reality. Interior follows through with every project it engages itself in, to the last detail of interior fitting.

We provide a full interior design service, from layout planning, 3D rendering to selecting materials, fabrics and fitting out. We have experienced in a wide range of projects; from private hotel & spa, apartments to hotels, restaurants and offices. Our designers work closely with the clients to ensure that their expectation is fulfilled and more.

  • Floor area: 225 (m2)
  • Total building area: 290 (m2)
  • Address: Texas USA
  • Complated: 2013
  • Design company: VALDO FURNITURE